Samstag, 16. März 2013

Heathen Marriage Ceremonies

It is amazing how much malarky and propaganda we're bombarded with all the time.

For example, we're told that we have "liberty" and "religious freedom," yet the various states make it as difficult as possible for Heathen (among others) religious leaders to perform ceremonies that result in a legal state of marriage.

Pennsylvania is among the more schizophrenic states. It has a great constitution but an incredibly corrupt legislature. The religious freedom remarks are in the constitution, but legal wrangling has resulted in the members of many faiths (including Urglaawe, Wicca, Asatru, and many others) being treated like second-class citizens, even if their own organizations have provided ordination. They have to "prove" the legitimacy of their religions on pretty much a county-by-county basis, while certain other religious groups can do whatever they want (and often benefit from their relationship to those in the legislature).

This is a sorry state of affairs and does little to instill any faith in a system that is slowly collapsing due to this sort of corruption and turpitude. Everything that our ancestors fought and died for is being spoiled, derided, and destroyed by the ignorance of the historical significance and the real meaning of the words that are written in the various constitutions.